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Benefits and Important Functions of UPS

Benefits and Important Functions of UPS

If you are a dekstop type computer users in working, you will certainly feel very upset when suddenly the electricity off, while task of work on the computer did not get saved. Imagine also the conditions on companies in the field of information provider services, telecommunications services, and internet related. Of course a very big loss if there is a power outage.

It will not happen if they utilize an electrical tool called UPS, which stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply. Why? As the name implies, UPS are used for backup of power supply and energy sources, replacing the main power supply comes from PLN while broken or off.

A desktop computer fitted with a UPS, it stays on when the electricity goes out, but only temporarily. This is because the UPS is an energy source backup provider. The length duration in providing backup power depends on the size of internal battery capacity installed in the UPS.

Although UPS backup power capacity is small, the desktop computer users would not be surprised anymore with a computer turned off instantly when the electricity goes out. At least there is a time lag which gives an opportunity to store their work documents, completing the email that is being written, until shutting down properly, so that desktop computers will last longer.


The following are the main functions of the UPS:

  • Providing a source of electrical energy backup when there is a failure or breakdown of the main sources of energy in electricity.
  • Providing sufficient time to perform data backup documents and complete the important work such as sending emails etc, quickly.
  • Giving time to shutdown the computer according to the recommended procedure, so the operating system and desktop computer itself are not quickly broken.
  • Giving enough time to turn on the other resources (genset) which more stable and durable as a replacement for the main power.
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