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Matsuta Stabilizer N 1000 is one of several option in N Series that comes with 1,000 VA capacity and 5-10 Amp maximum input current. AC Automatic Voltage Regulator Electronic Sensor unit monitors the input voltage stability continuously, and every changes of the voltage will drive the servo-motor to work faster but still in control.

Phase Three Phase, Four Wire
Input Voltage 120V ~240V /310V ~ 430V
Output Voltage 190V +- 2% /380V +- 1 %
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Response Time Within 1 second against 10% input voltage deviation
Efficiency Better than 95% (Input voltage 180V, output voltage 220V and at rated load)
Ambient Temperature -5C degree - +40C degree
Ambien Humidity Less than 90% (relative humadity)
Temperature Rise Less than 75C degree (Input voltage 180V,Output voltage 220V and at rated load)
Cooling System Convection-cooled
Control System DC servo-motor

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