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AVR /LD-2000GS

Model AVR /LD-2000GS with capasity 2KVA, this type including single phase which has DC Servo Motor system can stabilize input voltage rises and drops and keep output voltage of the change load order stable.

Phase Single Phase
Input Voltage 140 V – 240 V (Volt Standard(L)) & 130 V – 240 V (Volt Standard(K))
Output Voltage 220 V ± 2%​ (Volt Standard(L)) & 220 V ± 2%​ (Volt Standard(K))
Output Over Voltage protection 1 phase 238 V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Respon Time Within 1 Second againt 10% input voltage deviation
Efficiency Better than 98%(Input Voltage 180 V, Output Voltage 220 V)
Ambient Temperature -5°C +40°C
Ambien Humidity Less than 90% (relative humadity)
Temperature Rise Less than 75°C  (Input voltage 180V,Output voltage 220V)
Cooling System Convection-cooled 
Control System AVR:DC Servo Motor, SBW: AC Servo Motor

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