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TDi 800 KVA

This is the Engineers' choice of digital stabilizer, with key features as follows: digital visualization of the output voltage; CNC winding machines to ensure consistency in precision and tesion strength; stable & accurate output voltage; high eficiency >98% and less maintenance cost.

Input Voltage 160 V - 240 V / 278 V - 415 V
Output Voltage 220 V ± 2% / 380 V ± 1%
Frequency 45 Hz - 60 Hz
Response time Within 1 second againts 10% input voltage deviation
Efficiency Better than 98% (input voltage 180V, output voltage 220V and at rated load)
Respon Time Within 1 Second againt 10% input voltage deviation
Ambient Temperature -5°C +40°C
Ambien Humidity Less than 90% (relative humidity)
Temperature Rise Less than 750 C (input voltage 180V, output voltage 220 V and at rated load)
Cooling System Convention-cooled
Control System AC - DC Servo motor
Dielectric Strength 3000 V for 1 Min​

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