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Starting Transformer

Starting transformer is a transformer belonging to the low voltage transformers. Starting Transformer has a 3 HP to 1500 HP. CENTRADO transformer can withstand the test of high voltage dielectric to 50Hz / 60Hz and the impulse voltage according to standards IEC standards and Indonesia (SPLN and SLI).

Primary Voltage
Compatibility with voltage distribution system in Indonesia, i.e : 6 KV, 12 KV, 20KV and 24 KV. Primary voltage tapping had been done with comutator (Tap-Changer) with empty load on primary side. CENTRADO also serving special inquiry for other high voltage transformer according to costumer needs.

Tapping system is moved to appropriate +4%, +2,5% or 5%. For transformer with capacity above 100 KVA can be made with 2 primary voltage comutator switch / construction voltage movement outside the tank makes usage with double function easier, can be locked for safety.

Secondary Voltage
Secondary voltage side on empty load can be made 133 V/231 V (B1) and 231 V / 400 V (B2) or can be together with condition : on 133 V / 231 V only 75% and on 231 V / 400 V, so the power is : 100% from it’s normal power.

TRANSFORMER CORE. Transformer cores made from Grain Oriented Silicon Steel M4 0,27 mm designed to guarantee the mechanic power, reduce vibration and noises with low iron losses.

COIL. Coil made by high constructivity copper, coil on high voltage side made by enamel isolated copper wire, and on low voltage side made by paper isolated wire.

TERMINAL. High voltage terminal using isolator porcelain or elastimold Synthetic Resin. Low voltage terminal using isolation porcelain with current above 1000A with synthetic resin isolated copper.

OIL. Transformer oil has a dual function as insulation and cooler. According to the PLN standard, transformer oil used is: SHELLDIALA B "or similar.

Capacity 3 HP up to 2000 HP
Primary 220 - 380 V
Secondary: 0% - 50% - 65% - 80% - 100%

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