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UPS TP Series

ICA UPS TP SERIES, Because the UPS is the true on-line system, conditioned power is provided continuously to the attached load. The UPS constantly regulates and filter the AC input voltage and supply a clean and stable AC voltage to the output and charge the batteries. When the AC input voltage low or loss, the UPS protects the load instantaneously and supply a stable AC voltage without any transfer time. Here are some of the models and capacity of UPS TP Series .

SIN 1100 C 1600 VA / 1040 W
SIN 1500 C 2500 VA / 1625 W
SIN 2100 C 3100 VA / 2015 W
SIN 3100 C 5000 VA / 3250 W
SIN 5100 C 8000 VA  / 5200 W
SIN 7501C1/C3 10000 VA / 8125 W
SIN 1002C1/C3 12500 VA / 8125 W
SIN 1502C1/C3 18000 VA / 11700 W
SIN 2002C1/C3 25000 VA / 16250 W

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