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UPS SPT Series

The Riello Sentinel Power (SPT) UPS with 6 minutes runtime at full load provides on-line power protection and a highly regulated and stabilised output sinewave supply. The UPS has a three phase or single phase input (set at installation) and a single phase output. A built-in automatic bypass provides protection for critical loads in case the UPS inverter is overloaded or suffers a fault condition. The UPS is easy to install (on castors) with rear panel terminal blocks and an informative front panel LCD. 

Typical applications: IT systems within comms rooms and datacentres, industrial PLCs, telecoms applications, alarms, security and emergency lighting.

Model SPT 6500 SPT 8000 SPT 10000
Power 6500 VA/5200 W 8000 VA/6400 W  10000 VA/8000 W
Nominal voltage 220-230-240 Vac single-phase or 380-400-415 Vac three-phase + N​
Minimum voltage without battery intervention 170 Vac @ 100% load / 140 Vac @ 50% load
Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz ±5 Hz
Voltage tolerance 180 - 264 Vac (selectable in Economy Mode or Smart Active Mode)
Frequency tolerance​ Selected frequency ±5%
Overload Times 125% for 4 seconds, 150% for 0,5 seconds​

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