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UPS SPW Series

Riello Sentinel Power (SPW) UPS with a runtime 11 minutes on a full charge which provides on-line power protection and highly regulated and stabilized sinewave supply output.UPS have a single-phase input and single phase output. UPS is easy to install (On cators) with the center block terminal and panel behind the LCD panel that conveys information.

Model SPW 5000 SPW 6000
Power 5000 VA/4000 W 6000 VA/4800 W
Nominal voltage 220-230-240 Vac single-phase
Minimum voltage without battery intervention 170 Vac @ 100% load / 140 Vac @ 50% load
Nominal frequency 50/60 Hz ±5 Hz
Voltage tolerance 180 - 264 Vac (selectable in Economy Mode or Smart Active Mode)
Frequency tolerance‚Äč Selected frequency ±5%
Overload Times 125% for 4 seconds, 150% for 0,5 seconds‚Äč

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