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AVR /LD-7500GS

Model AVR /LD-7500GS With DC Servo Motor system can stabilize input voltage rises and drops and keep output voltage of the change load order stable.

Phase Single Phase
Input Voltage 140 V – 240 V (Volt Standard(L)) & 130 V – 240 V (Volt Standard(K))
Output Voltage 220 V ± 2%​ (Volt Standard(L)) & 220 V ± 2%​ (Volt Standard(K))
Output Over Voltage protection 1 phase 238 V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Respon Time Within 1 Second againt 10% input voltage deviation
Efficiency Better than 98%(Input Voltage 180 V, Output Voltage 220 V)
Ambient Temperature -5°C +40°C
Ambien Humidity Less than 90% (relative humadity)
Temperature Rise Less than 75°C  (Input voltage 180V,Output voltage 220V)
Cooling System Convection-cooled 
Control System AVR:DC Servo Motor, SBW: AC Servo Motor

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