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HBE Centrado

About HBE Centrado

PT Hidup Baru Electric (HBE Centrado) is a company engaged in manufacturing, the CV Centrado Prima group (Transformers Manufacturer) which produces Centrado brand transformers, including: Distribution Transformers, Auto Transformers / Transformers / Transformers, Transformers Rectifiers, Starting Transformers . In addition we are trusted as a distributor of brand transformers: Trafindo and Unitraf as well as TM / Cubicle Schneider Panels, brand stabilizers: Matsuyama, Matsuta, Yoritsu. UPS brands: Riello, Gamatech, Yoshiga, ICA. We provide a guarantee from the direct manufacturer.

Since its foundation (1980) we have been dedicated to maintaining: quality and quality, competitive prices, and good after sales. And we have gained a lot of trust from various government and private projects, including: PLN, TELKOM, PERTAMINA, HOSPITAL, HOTEL, APARTEMENT, OFFICE, BANK, and HOUSING.